Our Programs

Infant (ages 6 weeks to 24 months)

​This is much more than just daycare, our infants will start preparing for Preschool and explore key developmental milestones. Intentional planning and regular assessments enable teachers to create experiences based on what children are ready to learn. Babies will feel safe, secure, and happy in our infant daycare room. Warm, caring teachers bond and develop trust with children. In this program, children are provided with: Nurturing classroom environments, educational toys and stimulating activities, exclusive milestone-based curriculum, and immersive learning experiences.

Toddler (ages 24 months to 3 years)

For the first time away from home and family, most parents want to find a place with people who will nurture, love, protect, laugh, sing, and guide their children for the purpose of assisting each child to develop skills and insights in order to become capable, intelligent, independent, and ethical adults. Our program provides all of these features within a well-developed program that is structured according to Maria Montessori’s philosophy of child development which recognizes sensitive periods for acquiring specific capabilities at different ages.

Primary (ages 3 to 6 years)

The basic work of a child from ages 3-6 is self-construction.   Children possess an ability that Maria Montessori refers to as an “absorbent mind”.  This stage occurs only during a specific time referred to as a sensitive period.  Each sensitive period in the development of children readies the child to acquire the capabilities to construct the whole human they are meant to evolve into. The prepared environment, which is the classroom, is constructed around five main areas each of which attract the interest of children and results in the acquisition of skills later to become the foundation of all education and personal fulfillment. 

Elementary (Kindergarten-3rd) in Plano

​Kindergarten in Allen

Beginning in Fall 2016, Discovery Montessori Academy, Plano expanded through third grade. This is an 8:00- 3:00 program for children who would like to experience a small environment for their early elementary years. This Program is conducted in a Montessori classroom setting and taught by experienced and caring teachers. Click here for more information about our Kindergarten and Early Elementary program.

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Preschool Class in Plano

For ages 3-6, we offer an immersion Mandarin Chinese class from 3:30-5:30 pm. Students will learn Chinese language, culture, characters, and music.

After School (K-5th)

After the school day has finished, a place for creative learning and relaxed play can still be found at Discovery Montessori's After School program. We offer a comfortable, safe, and progressive after school program for children from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. We offer a rich variety of activities under the guidance of our experienced and nurturing staff. The program is open both to DMA students as well as children from the local community. Until 6:30 p.m. every day, DMA offers care not overloaded with academic work or busy activities, but rather a break to do homework, play indoors and out, and try creative and enriching classes in a relaxed but guided setting. 

Tianyi DMA Weekend Chinese School

Chinese School is offered all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Curriculum is based on Ma Liping materials, standard Chinese, AP Chinese, CBE, CSL. Cultural education includes painting, Chinese calligraphy, dance, and chess. Each year our students compete in the DFW Chinese speech contest. We have many students place in the contest.

2021 Spring Tianyi Weekend Chinese School Schedule

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