Discovery  Montessori Academy

October 2017

​My daughter has been in Discovery Montessori Academy (DMA) since when she was 4 years old. She loves the school soooo much. The teachers there are very nice. My daughter goes to Kindergarten in a charter school now. She is top student in the new school. All her friends who are from DMA are top students in their new school too. My daughter's teacher from charter school called me today and asked me if I want my daughter to move to first grade. The teacher thinks she is smart and ready for first grade. I think this is not only because she is smart, but also because the way DMA teach their students. I really appreciate DMA. I totally recommend this school. - Kristen's mom

June 2018

Wonderful school and teacher. Both my kids learned so much in academic and social skills. The teachers there, each one of them is caring and customize their teaching to kids with different personalities or different learning styles !  -MIngKai & MingPei's mom

April 2018

​My daughter loves this place and teachers. All teachers, including but not limited to Ms. Esther and Ms. Heather, are very nurturing and caring, my daughter enjoys her school so much that she asks me to not pick her up too early so she can spend more time with friends and teachers there. Having been with this school for almost three years, she has turned into a very independent and well mannered kid thanks to the love from all her teachers. -Joyce's mother

June 2016

If you desire an advanced, wide ranging educational experience for your child this is the place. Our son is reading several years ahead of his grade level and doing so in three different languages.
This school offers an education that would very easily cost three times the amount in some of the elite schools in the area. - Baldwin's mom

February 2018
My son Emmanuel is among the first five top performers of its class at its actual school. He has been selected to take a Test this coming month in order to be in the Gifted and Talented group of students. Thanks to Discovery Montessori Academy Team, for the solid base you've given to Emmanuel and to its sister (Grace) who is also doing great. All 4 of my children (Naila, Londyn, Emmanuel, and Grace) are missing the DMA team and also their Chinese classes! They dearly want to learn Chinese! My wife and I are planning to send them back to your school for their Summer Chinese classes. DMA is undoubtedly the BEST PLACE to educate our children. -Emmanuel's father

January 2016

​My 2 year old son loves this place and his teachers. He already knows his alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and has grown so much with their program since we started in April 2015. Highly recommend! - James's mom

August 2018

​My daughter and son have been going to this school for couple of years now from full time kindergarten to after school. I have to say this school is a hidden gem. Strong academics, comprehensive language program and diverse extra curricular activities ensures a successful environment for each and every child. Too that with loving and caring teachers.
This summer they opened another building next door and went through major renovation. -Neel & Meera's mom

January 2017

My daughter is thriving here at Discovery Montessori Academy! The classes are small and each child gets one on one teaching. My daughter loves it here and more importantly the educators at this school make her feel like she incredibly special! It's a very loving environment for children and my daughter is already way ahead academically of other children her same age. 
​- Aly's mom

Feedback from Parentsubtit

May 2016

I can't put into words how grateful I am for this school and Ms.Linda. They are heaven sent. I appreciate their patience, generosity, and the attention they give my children. I have remained working and living in the area so that my 4 year old can continue her education at Discovery Montessori. I love that the classes are intimate and the teachers get the chance to "know" your child, their strengths, and weaknesses which creates a better experience for the children.. My daughter LOVESSSS her school and ALL of her teachers!


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​Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

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