Hu Yu's stone art paintings:

About Ms. Yu Hu:
​Yu Hu grew up in a small Chinese village in Hubei province. Her passion for painting began early. Most days, she preferred to stay at home and draw, while other kids in the neighborhood played outside.  As the village’s school had no art classes or teachers, Hu was driven to learn to pain through her own exploration, practice, and study of others artwork. The inspirations of Hu’s creativity usually come from her family and lifestyle. You will often find her at a square worktable, working with leaves and stones by pouring out her creativity and ideas to create breath-taking masterpieces.

Ms. Yu employs multiple cross-cultural drawing techniques when she creates a masterpiece. These include a combination of painting composition, western painting style, wood-carving and sculpture technique. From her stone paintings, you can spot the influence of traditional Chinese and oil paintings. Besides being unique, her artwork is also colorful, vibrant, and elegant without losing the charm from the Orient. They contain the freshness of a watercolor painting, dignity of an oil painting, delicacy of a craft painting, and the solidness of a sculpture.

Discovery  Montessori Academy

Examples of her students' work: 

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